Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Bird Food Truffles

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Last week while it was snowing Vin and I decided to look after our feathery friends and take them a little snack while the ground was all frozen and hard.

We made some bird food truffles by mixing peanut butter and bird seed then rolling them into balls and setting them in the fridge - they looked almost like flapjack balls and smelt really delicious (I looove peanut butter!)

We put the balls in a 15-egg carton - along with some raisins, dry porridge oats, flaxseed crackers and cereal (we checked with the RSPB website what to provide first!)

Then we went out to find a good spot to hang our tray...

Just got to hope no Jurassic predators get in there first...

p.s. you can check out our Cheerios Bird-Feeders here


  1. I love the birds have choices as to what to have for snack.

  2. That's so creative! Love that you recycled a egg carton as a bird (or squirrel lol) feeder, too.

  3. I love it! That looks like a fun activity...great fun for kids, Moms and birds!

  4. So much fun and such a cute way to feed the birds! (I'll be featuring this as one of my favorite posts from the Kids Co-op next week!)

  5. Great use of everyday items. My kids have been asking for a bird feeder...I now have no excuse!


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