Sunday, 8 January 2012

touchy feely letters

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Tactile Phonic Learning for Preschoolers

This week the kiddos and I started to look at letters. I know that they are a bit young for letter recognition and pre-reading, but I also thought that identifying a letter S and the sound it makes is no different from shape recongition, or pointing to a picture of a dog and pretending to bark right?

Because I'm wary of 'teaching' and things like 'tot schools' I wanted to make sure none of this felt like work - we have been doing some letter 's' activities throughout the week (our seaside small world and playdough were some of our vaguely 's' related activities) and I steered clear of things like worksheets and flash cards.

Preschool Literacy Ideas

We started with the letter 's' because that is one of the first phonic sounds that is taught in pre-schools - the system I am familiar with goes S, A, T, I, P, N  for the first sounds. We did some snake-like hissing and hand movements to go with our learning.

Sensory Literacy Activity for Preschool

I had hoped to make some Montessori sandpaper letters, but time got away from me this week. Of course there are 39 other phonetic sounds we need to master, so there is plenty of time for a spot of DIY resource building! Instead I decided to use some textures from my craft stash to get the same effect.

Tactile Letter Learning for Preschoolers

I cut out lots of 's's from corrugated card, fabric, felt, foam, tissue paper and sponge cloth as well as some from magazines and the kiddos made some touchy-feely collages. I also cut out some big card letters and they decorated them with stickers and glitter glue.

Literacy and Phonics Ideas

I put some of them into a ringbound book for Vin and I to look over when we are practising. I added some more 's' word elements on one of the pages and wrote out some of the words for him to match on the opposite page

Preschool Literacy Activity

I have some more 's' activities to share soon - because I am completely taking my cues from the kiddos I am not rushing onto another letter just yet so we have lots more 'slimey', 'stripey', 'squeaky', 'spotty' playtimes to enjoy!


  1. I think this is such a cool idea! Seems like a great way to help a tactile learner to learn the alphabet.

    Going to pin it this awesome idea!

    Stopped by from the Sunday Showcase.

  2. What a great tactile experience :) would love it if you could share it here -


  3. Nice to see
    a) someone using SATPIN/ Jolly Phonics (who came up with this idea)
    b) someone with the sense to mix the two and do it the old-fashioned (in the best sense of the world, ie: doing it right!) way!
    I am soooo glad to see your children are in the best learning environment ever - with their super parent :)!

  4. This is a super fun way to work on letters.

  5. My son would tell you that S is his favorite letter...but that's because his name starts with S. please share this with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays?

  6. Our 'tot school' doesn't include lessons, worksheets or flashcards either! We much prefer good books, hands-on games, and free play! This is very interesting and I think even my older son would like to help make it for his brother.


  7. Love your philosophy towards preschool learning! :o) And how you're taking your time working your way through the letters... and that you're not doing them in alphabetical order! :o) That tactile book will be a fun way for your son to practice his letters and sounds.

  8. Just hopped over from It's Playtime. Such a great idea, my eldest is just starting to get really interested in letters and this is such a fun, sensory way of doing it - not a worksheet in sight! Thanks for sharing.


  9. Love the variety of textures! I made sandpaper letters a while ago but I love the idea of using even more variety in the textures. Here are our sandpaper letters.

  10. My tot school does not use flash cards or work sheets if we use work sheets at all it is to practice our cutting skills we use hands on things cardboard ceral boxes for puzzels books etc I love your touchy feely letters

  11. My tot school does not use flash cards or work sheets if we use work sheets at all it is to practice our cutting skills we use hands on things cardboard ceral boxes for puzzels books etc I love your touchy feely letters

  12. Over here, where we live, we use work sheets and flash cards a lot. It is kinda refreshing to see what you're doing. Thanks for sharing.

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