Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Seacreatures Ice-Cubes

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While we were doing a seaside theme last week (you might remember our Ocean Playdough and our Seaside Small World) I thought it was a good opportunity to play in the bath too.

We have played with ice in the bath and these seacreatures in our underwater bath so I combined the two. In the morning I made some seacreature ice-cubes using a silicone baking tin, ready for bathtime that evening.

I had hoped to get just the sharks fin poking out of the top of his cube, but I couldn't get him to stay put!

We did some experimenting to melt the icecubes, some under the water, one on the side, one held under the running tap - Vin was too excited/ impatient to get the creatures out!

I think we will try this again, maybe with colouring too - I'm thinking little dinosaurs (of course!)

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