Sunday, 1 January 2012


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I love the time around New Years... all that hope, optimism and good intention. I know most people make resolutions knowing they will be broken shortly after and probably more people refuse to make resolutions at New Year out of cynicism, but I like the neat perfectness of starting a year right.

I used to think that how you spent your NYE reflected on the coming year, but when I look back at the past couple of years...
2007 - watching fireworks at Disneyworld (spent the rest of the year being ill and undergoing surgery) 2008 - all night rave (only to conceive Vinnie four days later) 2009 - asleep (have not slept a full night since).

I have been thinking lots about changes, challenges, new adventures, our family, our home, this little blog space, my career etc and I sat down to write some of this out on the first page of my new notebook. A little mission statement (above) and a list of goals and reminders...

I think the most important goals I have are to do with my family, to spend real quality time with D, to play everyday with Vin, to strengthen the links with those around us.

If there is one thing motherhood has shown me, it's that you think you need to speed up to survive, but really we need to slow down to live and throughout each of the small achievements I hope to make this year, I think this is the message that shines through.

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  1. Wishing you a happy new year full of love, health and happiness xxx


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