Monday, 16 January 2012

A Railway Metropolis

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This was one of our rainy day activities last week - I made a railway city once before but this time the kids (and D) got in on the action. Vin got loads of wooden traintrack for Xmas so our city was huge and multi-level

Vin and Cc kept running back and forth from the bedroom bringing more toys to add to our playscene

We have a Duplo couple taking a romantic stroll in the park

A playdough aquarium with sharks and dolphins

A dinosaur excavation

A Duplo towerblock Metropolis

The kids loved watching the motorised train travel round the tracks and yelled out when it went past the landmarks and sightseeing spots!

And of course, no city is complete without a Godzilla attack or two...

I totally want to make a set-up using everyone of Vin's toys now! It would probably take up our entire front room. I sound crazy right?

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