Thursday, 12 January 2012

play outside - chalk masterpieces

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One of my New Years Resolutions was to spend more time playing outdoors. I try to take the kiddos out every day, but sometimes it's just a run through the park on the way home from the shops etc. In the Summer we'd spend 2-3 hours each day playing and picnicking, but this was dwindling due to bad weather.

After reading about Scandinavian preschools that don't even have a bricks and mortar building and blogs like No Such Thing as Bad Weather I figured we'd give it a try. Then of course came the winds and the sheets of rain so heavy I couldn't see out of my window - honestly after two full days with two two year olds stuck in the house I felt like the raingods were laughing at me!

Well this week we've had some milder temperatures, so we wrapped up, pulled on our boots and headed out to have some fun

We've done a lot of chalk artworks in the past, this wall in our local park is a great canvas was this bench

...and the slide...

of course, a true artist has to be at one with their masterpieces - lying on the wet floor is part of the experience non?

(when I say we dressed the part, both kids wearing beige was not very well thought out!)

and as always... mama had to get in with some subversive positivity...


  1. Love it! We got out after the rain yesterday and played in chalk though. I should really get that out sometime...maybe today.

  2. Brilliant post & looks like such fun. Thanks for the mention & for linking up this week :) K

  3. Love your subversive positivity - and looks like the kids had a wonderful time!

  4. Sidewalk chalk on wet ground is so satisfying, isn't it? Lovely post, thanks for sharing it with us at the Outdoor Play Party! Hope to see you again with more of your outdoor adventures in 2012!


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