Thursday, 26 January 2012

An ode to playing in the park

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When these little people set off on their outdoor adventures their tracks always seem to lead to one place... our local playground had a super hi-tech makeover lately, but these kiddos have imagination, and that's all you need to have fun...

a tunnel to hide in from dinosaur attacks and for soldiers to crawl through...

and then slide down into a swampland...

...wild animals roam the swingset

a lookout, that doubles up as a coffee shop when the mood takes them (ice-cream and cup of tea anyone?)

jungle-trees for little monkeys to swing on...

...and steamtrain journeys to be travelled

I always try to think of 'fun things' to do when we're playing out, but actually I think these kiddos have mastered that all by themselves!


  1. Trips to the park are some of my most favorite outdoor times. The independence, strength and courage my kids find as they try new things and push their comfort limits is awesome!
    Great post!!

  2. awesome pics! Please add your blog to the Learn through play Monday linky party!!


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