Saturday, 28 January 2012

Mom-Made Colouring Sheets

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I know there are a whole world of great printable colouring sheets out there in the netosphere... ones drawn by people with fancy computer packages and actual art skills...

...of course, not having a printer kidn of renders those great resources useless to me... so I took sharpie to paper to make some of my own!

I'm not particularly keen on colouring books for little kids, I prefer the imagination and creativity sparked by a blank sheet of paper, but I think trying to colour particular shapes is good for pen control and I figured it's a good way to introduce some letter 'a' words

my limited art skills are apparently not an issue to my 2 year old (which is handy because I'm pretty sure this artist palette looks more like the Earth!)

We don't do fancy learning apps and educational tv in this house - and I'm pretty sure we have more fun our way!


  1. Mom made coloring sheets are the best!Thanks again for visiting and sharing on The Sunday Showcase

  2. i do this with my son (he's a month younger than vincent). I have got amazing at drawing bin lorries and diggers - your dinosaur is v cool.


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