Friday, 20 January 2012

Kids Art Explorers - Project One : Pipecleaners

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I mentioned before my blog-crush on Nurturestore so of course I was all a-swoon at her Kids Art Explorers Project. The challenge is simple, each month a new material or process for the kiddos to explore.

The first project is Pipecleaners - I had a bunch in my craft stash, all cut to different lengths as I have used them in older projects so I laid them out for the kiddos to have a play with. I wanted to give them some props too, so we had a look through the recycling and found some takeout coffee cups, cardbaord loo-roll tubes and empty spice jars. I punched holes in some of the cardboard in case the kids wanted to try threading and then I let them run with their imaginations...

Of course, they did what all two year olds are inclined to do and completely ignored the pipecleaners, instead using the cups to stack into towers. I let them get on with it and they found the pipecleaners themselves after a minute or so.

When Vin started threading I thought 'oh look, he's making a bracelet' but was careful not to say anything and influence his process...

...when I asked what this creation was he told me 'a worm in an apple'
(note: I have never given my kid maggot-ridden food, I didn't know he had ever even seen one!)

I figured these two linked together might be binoculars... then he put one on each wrist... ah my two year old is making handcuffs (note: I have never put handcuffs on my kid, nor do I know when he has ever seen a pair!)

...this one? Well it could be a bunch of flowers, it's most probably a dinosaur... I'm almost too afraid to ask!

Head on over to Nurturestore to check out the details



  1. Love this exploration! I'm so glad that you left your blog address to check out! You have a wonderful blog and are doing great things with your child! I know you are part of the Blogger Network, but half the time I can't keep track of everyone!

  2. Great idea! I love how it links Fine Motor practice with creative process! :o)

  3. What great creations. I love how sometimes you just can't guess what it is the kids have created and they are so certain and clear about what it is. Thank you for joining in the Kids Art Explorers (and I'm laughing at the thought of a blog crush!) Hope you'll join in the next time too.


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