Friday, 6 January 2012

Homemade Sponge Balls

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Last week when my friend asked if I'd consider looking after her 6 month old baby, the first thing I thought wasn't how I would cope with a baby again, but that I didn't have any baby friendly toys!

I started putting together a little pinboard of baby play inspiration and I came across these sponge balls from One Charming Party that everyone was sharing last year! I thought they'd be perfect for baby play (Vin had other ideas and they ended up in the bath!)

After I made a couple of balls I had a few sponges left, so I cut them into squares and strips to do some tower building like these ones from Toddler Approved

(you might not be able to tell, but in the pic above Vin is building a stegosaurus)

We've been using the balls for throwing and catching practise (perfect for indoor play as they're so light and great for little hands as they're easy to catch) and at bathtime too

I love a project like this, superquick, super cheap and a lot of fun. I definitely need to make some more to go in my baby friendly toybox!

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