Monday, 30 January 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

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Today is my birthday. I've been having my annual existential - 'another year passed, and what have I got to show for it??' - crisis. This is supposedly a 'big one' in numbers, which makes my mind wailing that bit louder. But I wanted to say, I think I have found my voice here, I feel very much in the right place, in this little blog and as part of this community. So thankyou, readers and play-people and moms and dads and kiddos - thankyou for coming back each day, for commenting and playing along, for inspiring me and giving me confidence!

I'll be off enjoying cupcakes and daydreaming today so over on my Facebook and Twitter today I'm sharing some of my favourite playtimes from the past couple of weeks. Don't forget to check out our Pinterest Boards (get in touch if you need an invite, I have loads!)

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Monday to you. See you tomorrow friends.

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