Friday, 9 December 2011

Winter White Sensory Tub

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After the spontaneous play success with last week's Christmas Sensory Tub I decided to hold off making this Snow Scene Tub until this week (probably a good thing because my vacuum could not cope with pine needles, fake snow and cloves all in one go!)

The filler is decorative 'snow' I got in big bags at a pound shop - it is basically shredded polythene and sparkles - in other words it scatters really easily and clings to clothes - I love the way it looks, but I can't help thinking rice would have been a more mess-friendly option!

we also have glittery polystyrene snowballs, sparkly white pom poms and some mirror ball tree decorations

The little figures are Christmas cake decorations - I used some of our snow playdough to stick the spikes in and make the figures stand

It was really hard to photograph white sparkly contents, on a white background, in low light (as you can probably tell) but this entire tray sparkles and shimmers - it looks beautiful by fairy light when we play under the tree

I kept some of our salt dough creations to play with, I think they are so cute but the kids have tried to take a bite out of them once or twice

The little people have had lots of fun with this tub - they like to sprinkle the snow over the scene and try to bury the figures. Like I said the 'snow' is awfully floaty and clingy so I keep picking bits off the bottom of feet and sticking to the furniture, but the kids have been very good about keeping the contents in the tub (mostly)

I keep thinking of more and more things to put in, next week I think I'll change out a few elements, or maybe just put together a completely new tub. I keep saying I am going to do something with some real snow at some point (looks hopefully at the sky)

p.s. you can check out some of our old tubs: Small World Farm, Coffee Themed Tub, Autumn Time and more sensory fun inspiration here 


  1. This looks like a lot of fun, I have never done a sensory bin like this but I need to. Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness.

  2. What a beautiful tub! We made one, too, a few days ago:

  3. We are doing a winter sensory bin in January! I am pinning this to use as inspiration :) We used that fake snow in Christmas ornaments and it is a PAIN to clean up! I think we will go with rice or cotton balls for the winter filler.

  4. Hi Sierra,

    I am in the process of chaning out the filler for hole-punched circles - the little ones love using the holepunch to make confetti, plus it hoovers up pretty easy.

    Also planning to do some real snow/defrost my freezer if it doesn't snow fo a fun twist!

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