Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Small World Dinoworld

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I know, I know, I have made a dinoworld before, but after our play success with our Small World Farm I wanted to add some sensory elements into our dinolove

Vinnie got this plastic paymat with one of his tubs of toys - I'm not too keen on it because it is so small and seems a bit pointless, but until I make one of these felt playmats we'll make do witht he plastic sheet

I added some corrugated card for texture, rocks made from our coffee playdough and some seashells from our nature box

Vin colloured some of the card green, and I scribbled a sort of volcano shape on this piece that I folded to stand up as a backdrop to our play

For our swamp area  I used some rice I coloured blue, with some sea creatures that Vin has at bathtime (sharks actually date back to prehistoric times, not sure about the authenticity of the octopii though!)

I kind of prefer thowing playsets like this together, than overthinking each element, but I do always think of more things I should have added later. When we go out for our walk today I think we'll collect some leaves and twigs to make some trees for our landscape!

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