Friday, 16 December 2011

Sandpaper Gingerbread Men

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I mentioned before, we are pretty much obsessed with gingerbread men in this house. I'm not sure what their appeal is for Vin, he calls them babies and gives them cuddles, I love their cute litttle faces and the traditional childhood memories they invoke.

Every day little C takes a long nap, and Vin and I are left with an hour or so to fill, with quiet indoor activities. This is a great challenge for me, not least because my kid doesn't like being quiet or still, but usually because I am working with limited resources and cooped up child syndrome.

This week as I was hunting through the tool cupboard (yes, that is where I go for play inspiration) I found some sheets of ultra-fine sandpaper I bought with the intention of making some Montessori letters with (one day one day). I cut out some shapes and Vin and I decorated them with glitter crayons.

Vin gets bored of colouring quickly, but this held his attention for a while. I think he liked the fact he didn't have to press hard to get a result as well as the texture and the sparkly outcome

I was kind of disappointed with the crayons at first, I intended to use them on our handmade Christmas cards but they didn't really sparkle  - they worked really well on the sandpaper though

I stuck them together with our puffy paint gingerbread men - they look like colourful paper dolls, happily dancing on our window ledge!

Any more gingerbread man activities out there to keep my little guy happy (and quiet)?

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