Monday, 5 December 2011

Salt Dough Ornaments

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This week I thought I'd share some of our homemade Christmas ornaments. I love those special pieces, made at preschool that you pull out year after year, covered in glitter glue and a bit bashed from time. My gran has a toilet paper angel on her tree every year, made by my (now 11 year old) little brother.

This year Vin and I have made my mom and grandparents a box of decorations each. There is so much inspiration out there, the photo above is probably only half of what we have made so far!

I figured we'd start with the traditional Salt Dough ornaments. This is now one of our Advent Traditions - I hope we will have a collection of salt dough ornaments one day!

We had some Christmas shaped cookie cutters in our Xmas Playdough Kitand I found these tiny gingerbread man cutters in with my baking stuff. We painted them with poster paint once they'd had their four (!) hours cooking time and then I decorated them with metallic Sharpies.

I love these little gingerbread men, I kept a few back without holes in them for us to play with, I'll share that playtime late this week!

ps you can check out our recipe in this post

pps you might remember our Salt Dough candle holders for Diwali - they could be easily appropriated into christmas candle holders!

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