Saturday, 24 December 2011

Reindeer Food

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Thsi evening we will be setting out a glass of milk and a plate of cookies for Santa, when I was younger we would always leave a carrot for Rudolph too, but this year we mixed up a batch of Reindeer Food.

I first saw the 'recipe' over on Nurturestore - I have since seen tiny bags of it for sale in a local shop, they were charging £3.50 (when I questioned the pricing given that you can buy a kilo bag of porridge oats for less than half the price, I was told they were selling 'the concept')

Anyway, the kids and I got busy - they practised counting the scoops of oats and loved sprinkling the sparkles in. I also had these gold reindeer sequins that we mixed in too ( The Idea Room added Christmas sprinkles to theirs, but I can't find the post)

the idea is that you sprinkle the food outside to attract the reindeer to your house - since we live in a second floor flat I decided we would leave ours under the tree in a little bowl - then I saw these paper plate baskets (also spotted via Nurturestore) and thought it was a perfect reindeer feeding trough.

Today we'll mostly be baking Santa's favourite chocolate chip cookies - I hope this will become a Christmas Eve tradition for us!

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  1. Selling 'the concept'. I ask you. You will be hosting some very happy reindeers x


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