Thursday, 8 December 2011

Puffy Paint Gingerbread Men

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One of my favourite parts of Christmas is gingerbread men. Vin has been reading the story of the Gingerbread Man at bedtime, and he is quite taken with them too. Any time he has made one out of our
Snow Playdough he gives it a cuddle and calls it a "baby gingerman."

When I saw these puffy-paint gingerbread men over at Teach Preschool I knew this was an activity for us.

I mixed up a couple of bowls of paint using kitchen ingredients and some ground ginger and cut out some (sort of anorexic looking) gingerbread men shapes from cardboard

I let the kids use coffee stirrers to drop the paint onto their creations, as I wanted some nice thick layers of paint

Then we popped them in the microwave for a minute or so to watch the paint puff up and harden

As you can see, some of our creations got a little burnt!I think it might have been the ginger in the paint (or my nuclear microwave)

I'm not sure the kids really understood what had happened, so we did some more painting on plain paper and didn't microwave it, hours later it was still wet, so I let them explore the two different textures - the hard and puffed up paint and the still wet and soggy paintings.

All the way through this activity Vinnie sang "run run... can't catch yooou" - so we read the story a couple more times afterwards. I'm trying to think of lots more gingerbread man activities, since he loves them so much - any ideas?


  1. I just saw that you made these too!! I love it!!! I almost missed out!

  2. Those are cute. I haven't used puffy paint. You have inspired me. Thanks for sharing last week at Monday Madness.


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