Monday, 12 December 2011

Pom Pom Wreaths

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I bet you're probably sick of all the Christmas decorations posts by now? Well, tough... here's another one!

Vin and I made these little pom pom wreaths this week - so cute and my little man loves them. I asked him to sort through a big bag of pom poms and pick out all the green ones (he was very good at this bit), then I asked him to arrange them in a circle (this bit he wasn't so confident at) and we threaded them together with a needle (this bit he wanted me to let him do everything - pointy sticks are popular with young boys huh?)

I made a loop with some sparkly wool I bought on a whim (because sparkly stuff calls to me) and stitched on a tiny bow to finish.

They are going in our boxes of handmade goodies to send to the grandparents at the weekend.

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  1. I love your pompom wreath!! I have never thought of doing this, such a fab idea! Thanks for sharing....I found you throught the sunday showcase inky. x


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