Saturday, 24 December 2011

Playing with Snow!

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So, when we were playing with our Winter White Sensory Tub I got it into my head that I would recreate it, with real snow...

but of course we've had no lying snow in South London... so we defrosted the freezer instead!

I kept most of the tub contents (the bits that wouldn't get ruined when wet) and added some diggy/scoopy/poury things to play with

the kiddos were quite funny trying not to get ice on their fingers, I guess they didn't like the cold!

after a while I brought in a bowl of warm water (coloured blue at Vinnie's request) and a bowl of salt to experiment with melting the ice

I thought it looked so beautiful with the blue water, would probably look better with a toy polar bear instead of a dead robin!

can't wait for some real snow - would be real cute if you time it for about 5pm on Saturday
*glares and shakes fist at sky*

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