Thursday, 1 December 2011

Our Handmade Christmas Cards

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Today I woke up singing 'December, December, I love you December, Christmas is only 25 days awaayyyy' - because (you might not have realised) December Is Here. That means Christmas Is Coming. We have been talking lots about when Christmas will be coming in our house and started our countdown with our collection of Advent Calendars... we have a chocolate one each, a paper one with pictures behind each window, a candle and our Traditions one. I toyed around with different ways to display all our ideas... time and simplicity got the better of me, so I strung the cards around this big mirror in our living room...

Today's activity was to make cards. I always intend to make cards, and always make great plans and prototype sketches... but ultimately I am always too ambitious with my seasonal crafting and cards fall by the wayside. This year I am embracing a truly handmade aesthetic, nothing looks neat or polished, everything is hurriedly scrawled and the toddlers have been at it all with the glitter glue.

I decided to sketch some cute drawings inspired by these ones and let the kiddos decorate them...

I bought glitter crayons and metallic markers for this job but wasn't happy with the results of either (the markers look better on a dark background and the glitter crayons were a bit rubbish - the glitter didn't really show up and the colour was very weak) so I let the kids go wild with the felt pens - second favourite only to fingerpainting in this house!

I didn't even limit their colour options, hence the orange and fuschia Christmas artworks - more importantly, I noticed Vin is making a real effort to colour in the actual shapes and not just randomly scribble over the page - I'm sure there is some learning curve going on here, I just don't know the words for it!

So there you go, kinda rough looking, technicolor, toddler made Christmas cards for the first day of December...


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