Thursday, 1 December 2011

Make Your Own Birthday Bunting

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Is there anyone in the world who doesn't like bunting? I mean you could be a bit ambivalent towards it if you have a heart of stone but you couldn't really dislike it right?

I think it's pretty obligatory to have bunting when it's your birthday, Vinja had a dino-RAWR banner at his birthday party and I wanted to do something colourful to hang up during little C's birthday week. Since she is a little artist in the making, I let her create her own.

I cut out some construction paper flag shapes and let her get on with it. I didn't even set out the crayons or anything, just popped the flags on the playmat when we had some quiet time (i.e. Vinnie was asleep) and she decided to colour some and use the sticker foam shapes from our Collage Kit on some of the other ones. I love the eclectic look - they remind me of Dolly Mixtures sweets.

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