Sunday, 4 December 2011

Magazine Christmas Trees

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This week I spent the kiddo's naptime making these pretty recycled magazine trees for our house. I don't want to spend a lot of money on delicate and precious ornaments with two toddlers running around, so these are perfect. Like I said, I made them on my own, but you could get older kids to join in, perfect for fine motor and concentration practise!

Here's a little how-to in case you wanna make some too...

You'll need a small magazine with a stapled spine (those free supermarket gift guides are perfect for this) - remove the cover keeping the staples in tact

Fold over the first page at a 45 degree angle

Fold the folded page again so you have a narrow triangle

Fold this little flap at the bottom up to neaten your edges

Turn that page over and repeat with the next one

Do this until you have folded all your pages, then fan out to make a conical shape

The folds are at the front of the 'tree' so these are best against a wall or something. If you want a fully conical tree for a centrepiece use a magazine with more pages and use a strip of double sided tape to hold the back two sheets together

I think they look supercute grouped together like a little recycled forest. What decorations have you been up/recycling?


  1. Oooh how pretty! Simple and yet look fab!

    What a great magazine challenge :-)


  2. I did this same craft last week too. I just haven't got around to posting about it. I am glad I didn't. YOurs are so much better. I didn't take the cover off. maybe that is why mine look weird. I found a lot of little free magazines at the doctors office to use too! So sorry for the late reply. I am behind on everything. I am so glad you shared last week on Monday Madness.

  3. i will be linking back to this project on my blog this coming Friday. I like your way of doing these better, but I had already done this in my own way and thought my readers may enjoy seeing your version as well.


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