Monday, 19 December 2011

Junk Model Robots

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Since Winter is on us with a vengeance, we are faced with a stretch of dark and cold afternoons spent indoors... with two cooped up toddlers (fun times!)

This week Daddy has been home a bit during the day, and when I frustratedly looked around the house for some sort of activity on another wet afternoon he sugested we make robots!

I collected together some junk bits and pieces - boxes, cardboard tubes, bottle tops, an empty Frappuccino cup (all that stuff I hoard - much to the dismay of my family) and some craft stash bits and bobs - then we got to work

I think the kiddos got bored after all the foil bit - so D and I were left in Robot Wars style competition to build the best creation!

Here's little proud face displaying his daddy's hard work...

p.s. if you liked these, you might want to check out our tin can magnet robots too

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  1. These are so cute. We will be making robots in a few weeks so I better get some junk gathered up!!


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