Thursday, 1 December 2011

Ice in the Bath

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Lately I've been trying to come up with fun ideas to play in the bath. Personally a glass of wine and a whole load of bubbles is about all I need in my bath, but these kids, they get bored so quickly!

Since we're playing along with Nurturestore's Winter Play Planner this week, I thought we'd include Tuesday's prompt, play with ice, to our bathtime.

In the morning I made these food colouring ice-cubes in a silicone snowflake shaped mold, hoping they'd be set for the bedtime bath. I added a few drops of peppermint extract, but I didn't realise that the alcohol in the extract would stop the cubes from freezing completely hard - if you want to try this, use essential oil instead

(impossible to take good photos in completely artificial light, steamy bathroom, excitable child and underwater conditions!)

I wanted to make this a lesson about hot and cold and melting etc but Vin was so excited we didn't get a chance. I think next time we will do a simple experiment beforehand to introduce the concepts, then do the bathtime again so he can see the theory at work.

Despite the things I felt didn't go 'right' (as in, to my -adult/ocd/perfectionist- plan) Vin loved this activity - he got very annoyed when I told him we had no more cubes and I will definitely be trying this again!

Head on over to check out the rest of this weeks play planner

p.s check out the nature ice cubes we played with in the Summer


  1. Don't the ice cubes look beautiful? I thinks it's great, especially first time round, to just let the kids enjoy the sensory fun of a new medium. One project we have tried through is to try and guess where an ice cube will melt the fastest - on a radiator, under the stairs, in the fridge say. You could put Vin in charge of a stop watch and see how long they take.

  2. Good idea Cathy. I have also seen it done with wrapping the icecubes in different things (foil, newspaper etc) and seeing which melt quickest)

    I was thinking about a snow sensory tub with the frost out of the freezer and maybe a few of those little christmas cake decorations to explore with.

  3. My son loves ice cubes in the tub. I haven't done it in awhile. Thank you for reminding me of the idea.

  4. My daughter saw your ice snowflakes on Pinterest and now we have a 'snowflake' (actually a jelly mould) in the freezer - she can't wait for bath-time! Following you via facebook and pinterest too.


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