Monday, 5 December 2011

Homemade Kites

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I try to take the kiddos outside for playtime every day, which sometimes means embracing the glorious British weather. This week it has been super-windy in London, so of course we had to make a kite.

I cut some kite shapes out of construction paper (I thought it would fly better using a lighter material) and the kiddos decorated them with stickers and crayons

I taped some coffee stirrers (is there an official name for these things? I fell I should learn it since I use them so often!) to the back and tied on some string

This was the beginning of our playtime... note the smile on his face at his groundbound kite...

this was after several unsuccessful attempts to get our creation to fly (aka the mommydeathstare)


This my friends, might have to be labelled a playfail

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  1. I have passed the versatile blogger award on to you.


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