Saturday, 17 December 2011

Cotton Wool Print Snowflakes

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Remember when you were at school and every year you would make a snowman with cotton wool? Well I do. I also remember being gutted one year when I made a Christmas card with a subversive message about the commercialisation of Christmas for a competition, only to be beaten by a cottonball snowman. I think it deeply affected me, because as much as I kept telling myself we would make one with the kids, I couldn't quite bring myself to do it.

I was able to get over my childhood disappointment just enough for us to make these print/paintings with cotton pads and balls.

Everything in our house is red and green right now, so I decided to go for a nice cool blue. Vin decided to go with a nice amount of sparkles too (the kid is learning)

When our lovely mottled (somewhat furry) creations were dry I cut them into snowflakes for a snowy inspired door decoration.

Maybe next year, with some CBT for mommy, we'll progress to actual snowmen.

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