Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Christmas Wreath

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Collecting leaves and berries to make a Christmas wreath is one of our family traditions - I say family tradition, but actually the previous two years have mostly seen me braving the elements and spikey thorns to do this on my own.

In fact our first Christmas saw me and my Bag for Life full of foilage hanging on the handlebars of Vin's pushchair as I ran down the street after getting caught nicking holly from a churchyard - my argument that it was to celebrate Jesus' birthday didn't go down too well!

Well, this year both kiddos and D came on the rob to collect some lovely leaves with me, and then we made some little wreaths for our front door...

While D got on making contraptions out of wire and pliers the kiddos and I cracked out the PVA and decorated some paper plates - in hindsight I should have cut the centre out of them to make them more wreath-like

I love the notion of bringing green into your home during the dark Winter months - I tried to explain this to the kiddos, but I'm pretty sure they weren't listening - hell, would you be listening if you were given free reign with a monster tub of glue and a couple of spatulas?

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