Tuesday, 1 November 2011

When You Get Lost You Find Somewhere New...

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This is one of our family mottos... I think I came up with it during one too many car-trips where my navigation skills got us lost, but it has become a mantra in tough and unexplored times. We really took it to heart, essentially about finding the silver lining. I introduced this concept to my little brother, Little Chris, when he came to stay last weekend - in the middle of a Labyrinth.

We explored the maze in Crystal Palace Park and ran round and round, calling to each other, giggling and getting frustrated. Eventually Little Chris made it to the centre and I lifted Little Vin over a hedge to get to the centre too!

While we were admiring the view from the middle, we noticed a path that led straight from the entrance to the centre... we had been so busy trying to get lost we hadn't noticed it when we entered. I mentioned to Chris that it was more fun getting lost and that we truly had found somewhere new... I think the words really stuck with him and he repeated them a couple of times over the weekend.

I really love the idea of mantras, when I was in labour with Vin I remember chanting 'wow wow wow*' during contractions and later 'this too shall pass' during transition...

Do you guys have any family mantras to share?

*p.s. have you guys read the eulogy from Steve Job's sister... I know it sounds gloomy to suggest, but I found it breathtaking

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