Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sticky Art - 30 Days Challenge

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Today's prompt in the play challenge was Sticky Art. We love to get sticky in the T-P household (you might remember our Post-It Note Wall Art and our Dinosaur Stick Collages).

Today we decided to use some foam sticker shapes from our collage kit to make mosaics.

I did some simple line drawings as a guide and we started sticking... well I did, Vinnie wanted to colour - you know you get those moments when you're like 'hey look at this fabulous art project I set up for us kids' and they look at you like 'yeah, you know you can colour though mom'?

So I started sticking while Vinnie did some colouring and pretty soon he wanted to join in...

This is his multicoloured ocean... he tells me they are fish swimming in the water

He was very exact in his creative direction for this picture 'only tangles mommy' but it helped with his shape recognition!

I love these sticker sheets and am totally inspired by Anna's Post to use them in some window art soon!


  1. This is a great project!
    Please come share at:

  2. Love it- Thanks for sharing on The Sunday SHowcase!


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