Saturday, 5 November 2011

A Sparkly Sensory Bag

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(please excuse the crappy photos in this post - my camera refuses to take a decent shot in artificial light, and since we are already apparently in the deepest depths of Winter there is never any natural light to be had!)

Just thought I'd share our fireworks inspired sensory bag before we pop out to see some real fireworks!

I had been meaning to make these bags earlier in the week, but had it in my head that I wanted to use black colouring in the bag to look like the night sky and really make the sparkly elements pop. Of course we used all our black colouring in our Black Velvet Cupcakes and our Halloween Playdough (later re-branded as Firework Playdough) so we ended up with clear gel and silver sparkly stuff instead.

You might remember our Jack o'Lantern Sensory Bags where I used handwash that foamed up as soon as the kiddos started playing - this time I used hand sanitizer gel instead with better results (you could use hairgel or shaving foam too).

As you can see Little Vin loved them... he moves quicker than the speed of sparkles!


  1. What a fun and sparkly little sensory bag. thanks for sharing it on Monday Madness.

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