Monday, 28 November 2011

Sparkly Handmade Ornaments - Play Challenge Post

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In today's Play Challenge prompt, we were challenged to make something special for someone special. I figured since yesterday was first advent it is legitimately Christmas Crafting Season so we started on our Christmas decorations.

This year I am going all handmade with our gifts and I decided that Vin and I would make boxes of tree ornaments for the grandparents. I'm sure my nan still has a toilet roll angel atop her tree that my younger brother made at preschool one year, I love the thought that these decorations will be treasured and form a part of Vinnie's Christmas memories as he grows.

We decided to start small and glittery. I had planned to make Borax crystals with pipecleaners, but then common sense got in the way and reminded me that poisonous substances and toddlers don't mix. Instead we bent some pipecleaners around a star shaped cookie cutter and sparkled them up.

I also had some pinecones I was planning to spray gold first, but they got the glitter treatment too

You can tell the one I did to show the kids how to do it - very dainty touches of shimmer just on the tips of each pine - compared to the kiddos uberglitterfest ones. Although later when I picked them up to tie ribbons on them I noticed that they had been very glitter happy, but not so liberal with the glue (as a shower of gold glitter rained over my carpet)

Et voila - sparkly ornaments for a handmade Christmas gift

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