Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mega Floor Doodles - 30 Days Challenge

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So... I'm a little late in posting as this was yesterday's challenge ... all I can say is I tired myself out with all the playing going on!

The challenge was... Mega Floor Doodles... I love things like this as it gives the kiddos a chance to create without boundaries or restrictions... I love it so much I did it for the previous day's challenge family time. So I wanted to mix it up a bit... my first thought was to take it outside with some chalks and decorate a wall or pathway... then I looked out of the window at that lovely traditional British weather and thought better of it. So I thought I would stick a roll of paper up on a wall and let the kiddos go wild... and then I remembered that these kiddos already have a penchant for drawing on the walls and I probably didn't want to enocurage that.

So I went simple, some trays of paint, some different ways to paint (brushes, egg cartons for stamping, straws, fingers and a paintroller) and let them get on with what they do best...

 (paint is a good one for a challenge like this because you absolutely have to focus on the kiddos while they are painting or risk multicoloured carpets!)

...and at the end of it a lovely colourful artwork for our door, two happy children and a good half hour of quality time spent playing


  1. Beautiful! and I love how you make each challenge your own :-)

  2. Paint is always a great medium to turn to - looks like so much fun on a larger scale. Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness.


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