Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Snow Playdough

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I am so happy to have our Small World Farm included in Nurturestore's Winter Play Planner - every week Cathy puts together daily play inspiration. This week we are playing along with all her activities!

Monday's play was - Snow Playdough - the recipe is a no-cook dough, made with cornflour in place of regular flour to make it extra-white. I'm not sure I put enough cornflour in, but my dough was very wet so I chucked in a handful of regular flour too.

I changed out some of the elements of our Birthday Playdough Kit - we kept the candles, pom poms, sparkly stars, ribbon and doilies. The kiddos loved making cakes last week, so I added some more cupcake cases I thought were a bit more christmas-y.

We also have cinnamon sticks, pipecleaners, acorns, cotton wool, whole cloves, sparkly 'snowball' decorations, Christmas cookie cutters and ric rac.

I like the fact that this dough is unscented and unfancy... I think it's a real blank slate for the kids to let their imagination have a good stretch

Here's one of our little snowman creations... the cloves make it smell lovely and traditional but you could use raisins or tiny stones as coal

Thanks for the inspiration Nurturestore -
make sure to head on over to the Winter Play Planner for more fun ideas!


  1. I'm so pleased you had fun with the snow dough. I love your idea to add cloves for some extra sensory smells.

  2. How fun! We don't see snow where we live but next year my little boy will be old enough for play dough and we will have a lot of fun making play dough snowmen together!

  3. Hey folkhaven,

    I think it's sad you guys don't get snow where you live, I love it so much!

    Some other snow things we are planning before the real stuff arrives: a sensory tub of white rice, shredded tinsel, snowball Christmas decorations and some tiny snowman toys. You can also get 'fake snow' you make out of polymer beads on the net, but I think we are going to cheat and use frost from the freezer. There will probably be some more iceplay in our playtime too, maybe building an igloo with icecubes or some iceboats!

    Hope you get some inspiration!


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