Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Role Play Restaurant - Play Challenge Post

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I'm having a little cry because tomorrow is the last day of the Play Challenge!

Today Anna challenged us to role play with the kids

We set up a little restaurant scene...

(I asked the kiddos what they would like on their lunch menu and this is what they suggested)

I think Vin was a bit bemused at my role playing a waiter...

Cc just wanted to be the waiter - complete with tea towel apron and a little notebook for taking orders (I think she just wanted the pen, she doesn't look too keen on the apron!)

Vin's favourite bit is pretending to eat all the food - he makes supercute 'nommy nommy' noises when he play-eats

Even Gruffalo came to join in... he was very happy to hear that owl icecream was on the menu!

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