Monday, 21 November 2011

a Play-Challenge catch-up

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Ugh, I totally fell behind with the play challenge posts... you know when life just seems like one never ending nappy change - that was last week. I'm back on the cheery kid's tv presenter with a hint of irony wagon now though.

Here, in no particular order, is a catch-up...

We grabbed a blanket and some books to make a reading tent

we made our own juices for the kids in the kitchen prompt (ps check out our other slightly more inspiring kitchen posts)

we played with our music box on day nineteen

on day twenty Jamie asked us to paint

...and today we had a tea-party lunch

...phew, hope I've caught up with myself and regained my playing mojo. It's funny, I really tried to take these challenges as they came, but somedays I literally found myself thinking 'we didn't get to play much yesterday, so I'll have to do double the play today'. I try to be available to Vin whenever he needs or wants me, but somedays I'm a bit more 'every little counts' school of thought. I guess this is one of those mommy-guilt moments, I will always be worrying I'm not doing enough or I'll worry I'm doing too much!

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