Tuesday, 29 November 2011

a Little Art Kit

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It was little Cc's birthday this week - Vinnie's bff is two!

I might have mentioned before, this little lady loves to colour and paint,
so I put together a little art kit for her...

I included crayons, markers, colouring pencils, some paintbrushes, chalks, sticker-foam shapes, pipe cleaners for modelling or collage, stickers and foam letters

I took everything out of the boxes and tied them into little bundles - I do this with presents for Vin too, nothing like attempting to rip open packaging with an excitable toddler freaking out at your elbow - and it looks cute too

I tried to cover as many creative possibilities as I could think of (and that would fit in a little basket) without giving her the tools to trash her bedroom with

The sticker-foam shapes have been such a massive hit in our house - they're from our collage kit - I bought a pack of A4 sheets and cut them into shapes, we loved using them to make mosaics for the play challenge

I love putting together little 'kits' like this - I think they spark tiny imaginations and I love hunting down things to put in them. I made a little baking set for a present a couple of weeks ago too

these are Crayola 'Pipsqueak' Markers - I love them as they're shorter and stubbier than the traditional pens, and wash clean too

Complete score finding these Charlie and Lola birthday stickers at the weekend

And here it is all wrapped up in a little wicker basket, perfect for tiny hands to carry round and create wherever they feel like it (mommy's walls)

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