Wednesday, 16 November 2011

keep it simple - colour yourself in

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I found this giant cardboard box in the hallway of our flat (am hoping assuming the neighbours intended to throw it out) and comandeered it for some playtime. I planned to draw roads for the kiddo's to play with their cars, but the first thing they did was jump all over it... I got them to lie down and drew around their outlines (ok, I know it looks a bit distorted, but you try getting a two year old to lie still in the middle of a box, while drawing round their wriggling body parts with a Crayola and come up with something better!)

Even after Cc and I took our turn, little Vin was not convinced...

then I cracked out the marker pens, and we got busy colouring ourselves in...

somehow I only managed to take a photo of my own artwork and not the kiddo's - trust me, Cc's silhouette looked great, she had blue hair and a scribble face and everything!

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