Friday, 18 November 2011

a blue underwater bath

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Earlier this week I mentioned my mission to make bathtime into playtime... I brainstormed loads of fun and simple things and I can't wait to get playing and splashing with Little Vin. Today I used food colouring to have a blue underwater bathtime (inspired by this post on The Imagination Tree)

I bought Vin these rubber sea creatures for 99p in Poundstretcher (seriously guys, I love this shop, you are all getting Xmas presents from their toy aisles!)

Vin spent a lot of time humming the Jaws themetune making his sharky dip in and out of the water - next time I plan to add some essential oils to the water to make it a multi-multi sensory experience!


  1. Great idea, but did the bathwater dye your kid? My son is as glow-in-the-dark pale as I am and I worry that he'd look sickly bluish white when he got out.

  2. Hi Eddie,

    My little one is pale too with fair hair but I was more worried about dying the bath and tiles! There was no staining on either though - I guess the colouring is so diluted it didn't leave a mark.

  3. Wonderful idea. My best bath toy is foam sheets cut into shapes. They stick on the wall to make murals. My kids love them! Check it out:

    Thanks for sharing this idea on Monday Madness.

  4. Also needed to tell you that this post will be featured tomorrow on my blog!

  5. Did you scent this bath? It doesn't say so here, but your recent post, 40 sensory activities, says you did?! I am curious as to how you scented an ocean themed bath. Also, I never saw a themed sensory bath until I started doing them....

    1. We've done this bath a couple of times - mostly I cheat with the scent and use Radox 'Ocean Breeze' bubble bath (not sure it really smells like oceans though!)

      I think I first saw a sensory bath on The Imagination Tree last year, but I'm pretty sure your wonderful posts have been the driving force behind their popularity!


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