Monday, 21 November 2011

Dinosaurs meet Moon Sand

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Today our dinosaur fossils got up close and personal with the homemade Moon Sand we played with a couple of weeks ago.

I am trying to encourage Vin into mixing resources/tools in his playtime at the moment. He has lots of different sets of toys (dinosaurs, cars, blocks etc) and they are all stored separately - I am hoping that with a little strategic placement of toys around our play area will encourage him to use his imagination. I like to think most of our toys are open-ended, but this only works if you can envisage more possibilities for play than you already know how to. Does that make sense?

With this set-up the kids had been playing with the dinosaurs during their freeplay-time, instead of encouraging them to tidy up and put the tub back in the bedroom we left them out. While they were eating their snack I put the tray of Moon Sand out on the table, without any props or tools. As soon as Vinnie saw it he yelled 'play play' which is his new favourite word right now (<3) so I let him find the tray and then find the toys (of course if he wanted to bring other toys into the play
I wouldn't have minded, but you know we love dinosaurs so I thought this would be a good prompt)

After a while digging around I casually (I hope) mentioned that the dinosaur was getting dirty and what could we use to clean the sand off - at this point I was expecting him to run to the sink to wash them, like we have done lots of times before, but he ran to our art space to fetch paintbrushes (cough, genius, cough, ahem).

I think this was a successful mission, we played with three different elements in our playtime and made cleaning up part of the fun too. How do you guys mix things up when you're playing?


  1. Great way to mix it up, looks like a realistic Dino dig with the moon sand. It's good to get them out of their groove a little bit and think out of the box. Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness.

  2. Great idea! I pinned it so I would remember it. Our sensory bin is in need of a change and this is perfect!

  3. Hi, Charlotte. This looks so cool. I teach preschool and we are doing a dinosaur unit for the summer (June). I was looking for some cool dino ideas and came across your link through Pinterest. I have a Facebook page for my blog, which will link you to my blog, as well as Pinterest. Would love for you to check it out and let your followers know, if you would.


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