Wednesday, 16 November 2011

a (dinosaur) hunt - 30 Days to Hands on Play

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Today's prompt in the play challenge was to go on a hunt... now I know my kiddo, and I know he would never focus long enough to search around the house for anything... anything that is except dinosaurs (you might have noticed we love dinosaurs)

I used a length of string as a trail (we did this last year on our Easter Egg Hunt) and wound it round Vinnie's bed and toyboxes...

...with little hiding dinosaurs in lots of hiding places...

...and a T-Rex waiting for you at the end of the trail...

So... the house is set up like that scene in Entrapment, only with a length of pure white wool spiderwebbed around doorhandles and bookshelves... and our playtime started like this...

'ooh, what's this mommy?'

...'a dinosaur under my pillow...'

'Oh My God there is a freaking dinosaur UNDER MY PILLOW!'

(closely followed by 'I don't want to, I've finished' and sending me to my bedroom!)

This, my friends, is called a PlayFail


  1. It's a great idea. I'll replace the t Rex with a nice herbivore.

  2. LOL I found you via Hands On As We Grow and am so relieved I am not the only one with great ideas of play that quickly fall into a category I never expected :) This is what makes Mothering such an adventure - no day is ever EVER the same!

  3. #playfail made me lol! Omg I said that :) I love this idea. I think, given it was the right time of day, lunar cycle, temperature our two year old might too


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