Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Chocolate Playdough Cupcakes

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This week Little C turns two, and in this house we celebrate birthdays all week!

The kiddos have been making batches of playdough cupcakes - 'Happy Cakes' as they are known round these parts (is there any kind of 'un-happy cake'??)

We decided chocolate was a good scent for this playdough, I used a cooked dough recipe from Nurturestore - I had already started collecting bits and pieces for our playdough kit when I found this post, but was inspired to add the doilies to turn our playtime into a proper patisserie

I usually put together a bunch of props and tools that I call our 'playdough centre' (you can check out our fireworks, Halloween  and Autumn 'centres'). It's basically a wooden crate where I keep whatever batch of playdough we are using, tools like plastic cutlery and cookie cutters and some fun things to encourage play.

Here we have: sparkly pom poms, heart shaped cupcake cases, tiny gold petit four cases, pretty beads, some teeny foam cut-out confetti, shiny stars, colourful cookie cutters and real cake sprinkles

some foam and magnetic number 'twos', sparkly ribbon cut-offs, gold and silver birthday cake candles and homemade doilies (circles of paper with holes punched around the edges)

the sprinkles, of course, go everywhere, but I guess it's a good exercise in fine motor skills and they look so cute against the cocoa coloured playdough!

I need to find a birthday cake shaped cookie cutter sometime soon!

I'm going to do one of those gushy mom moments now - today when they were playing Vin made C a cake, stuck a candle in the top and sang 'Happy Birthday' to her while presenting his cake - it was a real-life heartburst moment. They do love each other quite a bit!

The playdough itself, by the way, smells amazing. The kiddos have been very good about not tasting (as far as I know anyway - sneaky kids) of course everything in the recipe is edible, but the amount of salt usually puts them off!

So... anyone want to join me in our playdough patisserie and treat yourself?


  1. They do look tempting! I know my buddies would enjoy making these!

  2. Those are so cute. I think my kids would seriously try to eat them. Thanks for sharing at Monday Madness.


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