Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Build in the Bath

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Since we played in the bath as part of the play challenge I have been thinking of new ways to have fun at bathtime. Vin has a set of foam dinosaur bath 'stickers' he got for his birthday, but they are getting a bit worn round the edges and are losing their appeal, so I decided at least once a week I am going to make the effort to find a new way to play in the bath...

this week... build with blocks

I think as adults we like to compartmentalise and categorise too much. A kid is born without that 'ability' and develops it with an adult's instruction over time - example: specific toys for certain ways to play. Why not chuck something sturdy and plastic into the bath? Vinnie looked at me like I was crazy, maybe because he has only ever experienced these toys in one way so far...

...he soon got the hang of it though, and his favourite part - smashing down his towers was extra fun when it caused a splash!

p.s. pop back next week to see what else we think of to do at bathtime

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