Thursday, 10 November 2011

Baby Barista Sensory Tub - 30 Days Challenge

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I kind of fell out of sync with the play challenge. One day where I felt a bit ick and not really up for it completely threw me off. So this challenge is yesterday's prompt fromThe Imagination Tree - to make a sensory tub for the kiddos. You might remember a couple of weeks ago the kiddos had lots of fun pretending to pour drinks so of course the natural extension of this... a baby barista sensory tub!

I used coffee beans* as the filler which are great for adding an extra sensory element to our play, some coffee cups, empty sugar packets, coffee stirrers, a little milk jug, a tiny seive and some wooden teaspoons.

There has been lots of pouring, scooping and spooning so far and lots of pretend 'ooh careful the coffee is hot' and clinking coffee cups yelling 'cheers' scenarios from Vinnie.

...'ten shots of espresso anyone?'

If you've not heard of sensory tubs before, try one it's so much fun. You should check out Anna's post for more inspiration, or our Autumn Tub we played with last month.

*p.s. I know that some people are not keen on wasting food (and this is much more than food, this is the stuff of life we're talking about) - just to say I bought this coffee a long time ago and didn't realise till I got home that of course you need a grinder... it has sat opened in a cupboard for so long it's probably no good to drink now (plus I plan to reuse it in other themed boxes)


  1. I love this tub. I've never thought of coffee beans. I bet it smells great! I do sensory tubs all the time. I have a blog post all about them if you're interested.


  2. I haven't done the sensory tub challenge yet - I've never done one and wasn't sure what to do. This looks like fun. Thanks for sharing your sensory tub with us on Monday Madness.

  3. Never heard of such a thing! It would smell GREAT! I have a linky just for sensory bins that I'd love for you to link up to . Head to and click on sensory =-)

  4. Very cute idea! I bet my preschool sidekick would LOVE this one - I'll have to add it to my list of bowl ideas. Thanks!

  5. Now that is MY type of sensory bin! I love it! Unfortunately for me, I do have a grinder, so I don't have any coffee beans to share with my kids. But I will keep this in mind in case I ever buy some I don't enjoy (I change up my blends regularly), or in case somebody buys me some really cheap, yucky beans. Thanks for sharing on It's Playtime.

  6. What a fun idea! How bad did your little ones hand stink when you were done? Thank you for sharing your ideas with us on The Sunday Showcase

  7. I looove the smell of coffee, so I really enjoy this tub - not sure if the little ones really get the smell element of it though!

    p.s. yo could do something similar with used coffee grinds, it would be messy, but lots of fun!

  8. Honest question here... do you have a stack of a zillion tubs somewhere or do you store them and have only a few bins? Maybe you don't keep them all on hand all at one time??? Just wondering how I'm going to manage so many wonderful ideas.


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