Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Mission Statement - 30 Days Challenge

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This month I'm embarking on a little challenge, 30 Days to Handson Play hosted by Hands On : As We Grow and The Imagination Tree. Every day this month they are asking that you dedicate (at least) 15 minutes of time to play hands on with your kiddos (no interruptions).

It sounds crazy because my job is to play with the kiddos every day, but I often find myself rushing rushing rushing around while they play or when I sit down to play with them, my mind can be on a hundred other things like housework and the to-do list and what we are going to have for lunch. Also, on the three days a week I don't have little Cc to mind, I find I consider this time me-time and get stuff done time and I know I am less involved with Vinnie on these days. So I am setting myself this challenge, I will be following along with the suggested activities every day, playing mindfully with the kiddos and genuinely enjoying time just being with them.

Today's challenge is to create a Mission Statement for the challenge. I love mantras, mottos and mission statements (see previous post) so I really got into this one...

My aim is to devote time to the children, to their enjoyment, their learning and their happiness. I intend to be fully present during our time together, to focus on them and their needs, to observe them grow and play, together, alone and with me.

They also suggest you write a short list of things your kiddos are interested in, or not interested in, to help focus your energy. Here's my list for Vin...

Vinnie is cheeky and loves to make people laugh. He enjoys creating but gets bored quickly with crayons etc, though he loves any kind of messy art time. He's not fond of being still and often has to be distracted if I need him to sit down. He is into climbing and I love that he doesn't see any boundaries when he wants to get somewhere. His favourite thing is dinosaurs and will include them in any kind of play he can.


I'm really excited about the planned activities coming up, I know that sometimes I choose our activities based on what I think is fun/ what materials we have/ what will involve less tidying up on my part etc so this will be a good incentive for me to get out of my comfort zones and give the kiddos new opportunities.

What do you think guys? Can you spare 15 minutes dedicated solely to play?


  1. I love that you're joining us! Great 'mission statement' and your notes on what Vinnie is all about will definitely come in handy for the month!

  2. Fantastically well written! I look forward to having you join us and to see what you make of all the tasks. I'm looking forward to trying them out too!


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