Friday, 4 November 2011

Play Pretend Islands - 30 Days Challenge

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Today's activity in the 30 Days to Hands on Play challenge was to play 'pretend islands'... did you ever play this as a kid? You put cushions on the floor and jump between them, careful not to fall into the 'water'. My brother and I used to play this on our beds, then one of us would start to fall and the other would help pull them to safety.

Well the kiddos and I decided to take our play outside. Since it has been raining so hard the past few days, I figured we could use the puddles as an extra incentive not to fall in the water...

...yeah, what was I thinking? This very quickly turned into a puddle splash-fest, with both kiddos soaked from the wasit down (and quite a lot of mud found it's way onto Vinnie's face too I later noticed). Both of them had such fun, although we were in the middle of the playground they weren't interested in the slides or swings, but played for well over half an hour running between and through the puddles.

I didn't take my phone out with me and of course being in the middle of the park there are less technological distractions... though I was very aware of the other mum's in the park watching us. None of them allowed their little ones near the puddles and one mum commented on how brave I was. I pointed out that's what puddles are for and if you have nowhere to be and warm clothes waiting at home what's the harm. I hope that thought stuck with her - so often people seem to deny their children opportunities for play and exploration without a genuine reason... or because of that dreaded 'M' word... (mess)

Me, on the other hand, I love getting messy... and my kiddos love another 'm' word...

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