Thursday, 3 November 2011

Play with Blocks - 30 Days Challenge

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Today's activity in the 30 Days to Hands on Play challenge is over at The Imagination Tree - Anna asks us to spend (at least) 15 minutes playing with blocks/ Lego/ Duplo etc...

...well we play with our Megabloks pretty much every day, so I wanted to use this challenge to stretch my creativity too. Plus I had a spare hour (as if such a thing exists with children around!) during naptime so I raided the recycling and made our own set of blocks!

We're no strangers to playing around with the rubbish (you might remember when we painted it or when we used it in some imaginative play) so I'm sure my other half wasn't surprised when I lef the house for playgroup this morning with a cheery reminder not to take out the bins!

Since part of today's challenge is to switch everything off (quel horreur!) I took these photos and am writing this post while the kiddos are still napping. I set it up like a little invitation to play for when they get up all grumpy and sleepy headed.

Anna's post has lots of suggestions of things to do while you play, but I don't want to direct this playtime too much so I strategically placed some other toys nearby.

Some prehistoric creatures overlooking the scene from tabletop mountain might want to join us...

... and Lightning McQueen and his friends are driving by town and might pop in!

I think I have my distraction issues under control today too, yesterday I planned our playtime straight after coming in from the park and just an hour before dinner was due... my mind was on hanging up bags and emptying pockets and cooking tea etc rather than playing with the little ones. They are having their nap a little earlier today, we are having leftovers for tea (delicious and healthy leftovers mind!) and as it's a rainy miserable afternoon we have nothing on the agenda but play play play...

...wish me luck!

Updated: Little Vin woke up first, once he got over his usual 'oh my god it's so crap to be awake' grizzle (don't we all feel that?) he spent nearly an hour playing with our 'blocks - mostly I built towers he smashed down, he also wanted to wear the polystyrene block on his head and the toilet rolls tubes on his arms - he tells me he was being a robot, we also made several thrones at his request. Later when Cc woke up she introduced the cars to our play, then put her feet through the other polystyrene block and shuffled round the house a lot. I've not yet returned our blocks to the recycling so will see if they want to continue playing today!


  1. Wonderful! I love your homemade blocks and your invitations to play!
    Junk model making is coming up in the challenge so stop being so clever ahead of time! haha :-)
    A really great idea for those who don't have blocks too.

  2. I bet they had a ton of fun with that! I'm following you along on this challenge and I can't wait to see what's next. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing beautiful idea! as you, I made a game by using polystyrene blocks for my students. one day I gave a surprise to students of this game and this game my students very liked and enjoyed.


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