Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Build a Fort - 30 Days Challenge

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This is our first activity in the 30 Days to Hands on Play challenge. Today's brief was to build a fort. As you guys know, we're quite fond of a little afternoon fort building. I love the concept of forts as kiddo's grow, esp the one in the 'Where the Wild Things Are' film where "only the stuff that you want to happen can happen" and explodes the brains of intruders if they try to enter!

We decided to use Vin's pop-up tent, but I wanted to extend the fort, so I pushed it up against the table and pinned the doors open with clothing pegs. Then Vin decided he needed a torch, so I threw our playmat over the table to make it darker inside. I planned to use the floor tiles to make a path but the kiddos had other ideas and it became a crawl tunnel entrance instead. We played for probably 45 minutes building and crawling through the tent before the little ones got hyped up and destroyed it!

I have to say I did find it hard not to get distracted while we were playing. Little C wandered off a lot to do colouring or play in the bedroom, I had to sit back and let her find her own fun while Vin and I played. Also, the temptation to sneak off and make a drink or check my phone was quite strong - I think it's that thing that when you consciously try to focus on something you suddenly lose the ability to concentrate at all!

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  1. So glad you stuck with it! And 45 minutes! Bravo lady! Love the added element with the mat tiles.


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