Saturday, 15 October 2011

today we made...

Pin It books!

We have been talking about stories this week, I wanted to introduce the kiddos to the idea of story-telling and hopefully let them make the link between the writing and pictures in their books and the story that they hear and see.

I knocked up these 'books' during their free-play (aka trash the house) time - a couple of sheets of paper folded in half and hand-stitched together (I don't own a stapler but it would be quicker and make the books sturdier if I did).

I wrote out sentences like 'my best friend is called...' and when we were ready to play I interviewed the kiddos and wrote down their answers - I was surprised at how well they understood, when I mentioned colour Vinnie instantly yelled 'red' (maybe because it is the only colour he always gets right). We are always using the word 'friend' in this house (mainly 'you guys need to share because you are friends' kinda thing) and when I asked Cc who her best friend was she grinned shyly and said 'Vinnie...Charlitt'....

I let them decorate their books with crayons and stickers (of course the dinosaur stickers were a big hit!).

I love that moment when you point to a kid's drawing and ask what it is... even at this age they're like 'it's a bunny... duh'

Vinnie and I read his 'story' before bed, I let him finish the sentences, this time using the pictures as clues and I pointed out the words - eventually he will begin to link the words with the pictures and their meanings.

Obviously the possibilities for mini-books are pretty endless - we could start a little people library!

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  1. This looks like fun, and a fun way to get to know your kids a little better. Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness.


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