Monday, 24 October 2011

our sticky-plate halloween faces

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We had a sticky themed week a couple of weeks ago, and since then these kiddos have been obsessed. Almost daily I find stickers on the bottoms of feet, curled up on the back of jumpers and all round the house stuck on random objects...

Since we are making lots of pumpkins faces for halloween I thought it would be fun to use some stickers and make faces on these plastic plates I got for Vinnie's birthday party.

This is one of those activities I really enjoyed doing with the kiddos and since the stickers peeled right off the plates, I was able to stick them back onto a sheet of baking paper and re-use them again a couple of times before they lost their stickiness.

The kiddos loved their faces so much... they wanted to wear them too...

Love the little man's Picasso-esque face! I guess I need to figure out a way to make masks next week huh?

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