Wednesday, 26 October 2011

our Halloween Playdough

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You guys know we love playdough in this house right? I literally have an entire page in my notebook for recipe ideas, things to mix in and ideas for our 'playdough centre'.

This is one of our two Halloween playdoughs - black with sparkles - I used a no-cook recipe, half a bottle of black food colouring (the other half is for our 'black velvet cupcakes' we are making later in the week!) and nearly a whole tub of black edible glitter - I think next time I would use regular glitter as the lustre dust was very fine and less sparkly than I'd like. The Vampie Fangs are part of our Halloween Playdough Centre, I'll share more later in the week.


  1. i just got black food coloring a few wks back this could be a fun way to use it:-) Jaime@FSPDT


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